Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Second Annual Fibre Arts Exhibition on now!

Last few days to view!!!!

This is a reminder to those of you who are local that the Second Annual Fibre Arts Exhibition is on now at the Baggage Building Arts Centre at Marina Park.

It's almost over! The last day is this Sunday, March 26 - so if you're planning on going to see it, do it before then!

The exhibition is free to view and the BBAC's hours are:
Tuesday to Friday:  11 am to 5 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 12 noon to 4 pm

We did a “Meet and Greet the Artists” on opening weekend. You can see an article and my interview on the TBnewswatch website here:

This is my second year participating in the Annual Fibre Arts Exhibition at the Baggage Building Arts Centre, which is just in its second year. I have several pieces exhibiting again this year.

“Camp Happy Heart” (of course!) is a gang of hand knit, stuffed creatures of various sizes and shapes, including three two headed pieces, a momma monster with a baby in her kangaroo pocket, two gnomes in Nordic sweaters and a pair of hugging monsters.

“Teeny Tiny” is a compilation of eight miniature knit pieces mounted in a picture frame about 8x10” in size. There are a gnome, unicorn, panda, pirate, sheep, hedgehog, teddy bear and little bunny. They are made of a variety of scrap wool and other yarns leftover from other pieces and hand knit using needles measuring 2 mm wide.

“Linientreu” is a hand knit shawl which is an example of modular and row knitting. It is a knit, semicircular shawl, alternating the modular equilateral triangles with the straight rows. Each triangle module is knit and then joined to the piece as they are worked. This piece took approximately 40 hours to complete and is made of 1,098 metres / 1,200 yards of wool.

Finally, a piece that I’m particularly proud of is called Celestarium. It is a knit, circular, beaded shawl that is a constellation chart. Beads are used to represent the stars and it is an accurate view of the night sky from the North Pole.  I used a crochet hook that was 0.75mm wide to add the beads as I worked the piece.  The wool for it was hand-dyed for me specifically for this project by a friend who was a fibre artist in Minneapolis, who passed away last summer. Her inspiration for the colour, named Northern Lights, is the northern area of the continent that we live on. This took me about 65 hours to complete by hand and is made of approximately 900 metres of wool with 361 silver-lined crystal beads and is @ 42-43” diameter. (in the photo I’ve put string through a few of the constellations to demonstrate them)

Most pieces I make are sold or gifts, while many are also donated to charity raffles or fundraisers. I really enjoy seeing the child in everyone come out when they are able to hold, touch, or play with my creations.

While my main craft is toy making, I enjoy making pieces like Celestarium and Linientreu as a type of palate cleanser and a challenge to do something new to me, use different tools, fibres and other materials and to expand my skills.

There are a lot of fantastic pieces by really talented fibre artists in the exhibition so if you haven’t already – treat yourself to a viewing!

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